Friday, 1 May 2015

Happy 1 year!

It has been a year since Cassandra Mamone opened our studio on Melbourne Street, North Adelaide and what a whirl wind of a year it has been. 

From officially launching our studio in July to releasing our current collection Havana's Riviera, this past year has been both busy and exciting. We had the pleasure of travelling to Sydney to launch our Havana's Riviera collection to the industries leading stylists. This year we have also had the likes of high profile Australian celebrities wearing Cassandra Mamone pieces.

We are very excited for the next chapter and we can’t wait to share the journey ahead with you.

CM Team xx

Friday, 24 April 2015

Our Signature

We love to make our clients and customers feel special…

Marking a moment in time with a unique piece of jewellery custom made by our gorgeous head designer Cassandra, is something quite exciting. After launching our last collection, Cassandra felt that she wanted to create an exclusive signature in the engagement ring collection for our upcoming AW15 launch.

With this idea in mind, the beautiful new signature is set to hit our exclusive engagement ring collections and will feature the birthstone of Cassandra. The sultry, feminine Ruby will feature on the inside of the ring band next to the CM stamp.

Our exclusive signature

Ruby is the most valuable variety of corundum mineral species and can command the highest per-carat price of any coloured stone. The strength of the stone is dependent on the amount of Chromium present, which can be recognised by the depth of colour in the stone.

We can’t wait to show you this exclusive signature, so here is a sneak peak of what you can expect to find next time you purchase a Cassandra Mamone exclusive engagement ring.

We adore this beautiful addition and we hope you do to.

CM Team xx

Friday, 17 April 2015

Lake Como inspires our next collection...

When we think of Lake Como we think of luxury and the finer things in life and this is exactly what our next collection is based on. Sourcing exquisite 2 and 3 carat diamonds including round, oval and marquise shapes, creates the basis for our engagement ring collection. 

Our head designer Cassandra has used a floral aspect reminiscent in the surrounds of Lake Como, within the collection. Sourcing Swiss Blue Topaz, to be featured in beautifully designed ear cuffs and sultry Almandine Garnets incorporated in floral designed ring and earrings.

A hint of blue

Sultry Almandine Garnet

Our gorgeous head designer has also incorporated a new signature to our luxury engagement range. A small red Ruby will feature next to the CM logo on the inside of each luxury engagement ring….More to come in our next blog.

Our Ruby red signature 

We are very excited to share a sneak peek of the inspiration for our upcoming shoot and a little insight to this collection set to launch AW15 in Australia. 

Model inspiration ( 

Floral inspiration (

Breath taking views (

Until next time. 


CM Team xx

Friday, 10 April 2015

A timeless gift

by definition: A family possession handed down from generation to generation.

We may be lucky at some point in our life that we have the honour of receiving a family heirloom. Generations worth of memories and stories that are passed down the family line holding much sentiment and worth. 

Well, our story begins with the lovely Christine wanting to create a piece that represented not only her style but encompassed her daughter Mila. With this sentimental idea in mind, she asked Cassandra Mamone to design a ring that, one day would become a family heirloom.

Designing the perfect ring

The gemstone zircon was chosen by Christine, as it is the birthstone of December, when Mila was born. Christine also wanted to incorporate Cassandra’s signature millgrain finishing and infinity detailing. 

In the workshop...almost finished

An oval Champagne Zircon was sourced by Cassandra and the ring was made in rose gold as the tone complimented the stone perfectly. Aside from Zircon being chosen for its sentiment, it is a valuable gem that has strong lustre and intense fire that is comparable to a diamond. A halo of bead set white diamonds created a cushion shape surrounding the sparkling Zircon. The finishing touch was Mila’s name and birth date, ’Mila 08-12-2012’ engraved on the inside of the ring. 

Cutest bunny we have ever seen

Mother daughter moments

This gorgeous ring was given to Christine by Mila on Easter and the photo’s just speak for themselves! How cute, we just love them!


CM Team 

Friday, 27 March 2015

You deserve it.

The greatest gift a woman can give, is bringing a beautiful baby into the world. This momentous occasion, no matter if it your first or third child, should always be marked with a gift….or at least we think so. 

Presents for mothers or Push gifts are becoming the newest trend. The most popular gift is jewellery, and what better way to mark this joyous occasion than to treat your wife or partner with a beautiful piece to show her how much you care. After all she has done a lot of work over the past 9 months.

For all the beautiful first time fathers of the world or the second or third time fathers, we are here to make your life that much simpler. So listen in close because what we have to show is something quite special.

Cassandra Mamone stackable rings

Stackable rings is the biggest trend and has been for years. With the ability to layer and constantly change the look of existing pieces of jewellery with a few simple rings, will make any woman happy. For a sentimental idea, why not buy her a ring for when each child is born. Not only will this be a beautiful sentiment but will be a constant reminder of the beautiful children and memories you have built together. 

If rings aren’t her thing, why not buy her a beautiful pair of earrings to mark the occasion. If you’re lucky enough to have a girl, try a beautiful pair of Cassandra Mamone rose quartz studs, or if your privileged to bring a boy into the world, a stunning pair of blue topaz and diamond studs should do the trick.

Blue Topaz if its a boy...

Rose Quartz if its a girl...

If its a surprise
No matter what you buy the beautiful woman in your life, make sure you make her feel, special, appreciated and loved. Because after all, its not every day you are bringing a bundle of joy into this world.


CM team.  

Friday, 27 February 2015

Piece of the Month- A picture perfect proposal in New York

A picture perfect proposal in New York

Most girls dream of the perfect proposal and the day their Prince Charming bends down on one knee and utters those four perfect words. Picture a beautiful frozen lake, next to the iconic Bow Bridge blanketed by snow in the middle of Central Park, is any girls dream proposal, right?

For Caitlin it was one of complete surprise. Dating each other for 7 years, Mark and Cailtin briefly met in 2006 and reconnected a year later and well the rest was history! 

Mark had met Cassandra in 2011 during a photo shoot of her jewellery collection and had since admired her work and attention to detail. After Caitlin continuously showed Mark pictures of Cassandra's work, it made choosing Cassandra Mamone to design her ring that much simpler. 

Mark knew that after their sixth year together, when planning their overseas trip with Caitlin's sisters that it would be the perfect time and place to propose. With the help of his 'to be' sister in laws they steered Caitlin in the direction of the bridge insisting on one last photo before lunch as they were all extremely hungry. And can you guess what happened next? 

Mark got down on one knee and asked Caitlin to marry him. Lets just say the reaction from Cailtin was priceless. After uttering "Are you serious?" and "Stop mucking around" she accepted with a teary eye and a soft "Yes."

The beautiful couple are set to be married in March/April 2017 and like the stunning photos taken on the day we are sure this wedding will be nothing less.

Until next time.

The CM Team

Mark met with Cassandra Mamone to create the special ring he proposed with featuring a 1 carat centre brilliant diamond, handmade in platinum.

She said YES!

All smiles for the newly engaged but hungry couple

Engaged and content with a New York hotdog

The scenic setting for the perfect proposal

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Piece of the Month- The happiest start to the New Year!

As the new age love trend would have it, Civil Engineer Vince connected with  Project Support Officer Renae via social media. Vince remembered Renae from when he used to visit the hair salon where Renae worked. After returning from a European holiday in 2013 Vince made contact with Renae through facebook.

He just had to see her...

On the 9th October 2013 Vince took Renae to Bruxelles Crepery at Henley Beach and they hit it off.
2 days later they went on their 2nd date to the Circus, it was there that they shared their first kiss.
As Vince drove home after a night out at the Circus, he realised he wasn't tired and he really wanted to see Renae again, so he phoned Renae and they met for the 2nd time that night for a tea at the 24 hour bakery at North Adelaide.

The secret...

Almost a year after their first date, Vince asked Renae's parents for their blessing to marry their daughter. Renae's parents especially her mother Ivana, did a great job at keeping the secret, even throwing Renae off any thought of a proposal.

A beautiful ring for a beautiful lady...

 Vince went to see fine jewellery designer and family friend Cassandra Mamone at her North Adelaide studio. Vince knew the quality of work was of a high standard and that designer Cassandra only sourced GIA certified diamonds.
It was there that the ideas and designs came to life to create a beautiful custom engagement ring.
Vince opted for a beautiful 1 carat oval cut D colourless VVS2 diamond, set in the rarest metal of platinum, the ring also features diamonds on the band and around the centre diamond.
With the highest grade on the colour chart and near perfect clarity, Vince was sure Renae would fall in love with this beautifully cut stone and well crafted ring.

A night to remember...

On New years Eve, Vince had a small white box in his left pocket while he sat with Renae along South Bank in Melbourne. As midnight drew near, the count down began and it was then that Renae began telling Vince, what an amazing year she had had with him, Vince then got on one knee stating: 

"This year's going to be even better...
Renae, will you marry me?"

A stunned Renae said "Yes" and the couple shared a big hug and kiss. "I missed the fire works because I was staring at the beautiful ring on my finger" Renae recalls.

A perfect fit.
A stunning 1 carat oval cut D colourless diamond set in platinum and surrounded by brilliant diamonds.

A very happy couple on the night of the proposal

It's LOVE for Renae and Vince

The happy couple have set a date to be married in April 2016.

We wish our friends Vince and Renae a lifetime of love and happiness.

The CM team