Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Favourites

California Sunset is a collection inspired by the colours and warmth of it's title. My travels overseas always inspire me and it's shown through my collections with metal, diamond and colour choices, as well as the aesthetic design.
It's so easy to fall in love with every piece but here are our top picks from the California Sunset collection.

Rose Night earrings 
These gorgeous stud earrings feature a 10mm faceted rose quartz surrounded by pave` set white diamonds in gorgeous rose gold. These statement studs have an infinity pattern detail on the sides to add to their beauty.
Why we love it: Effortless glam

Marianna Hewitt wearing her Cassandra Mamone Rose Night earrings

The Mint Emerald Night ring
This statement ring shows off a beautifully cut emerald shaped Mint Quartz surrounded by pave` set diamonds in white gold. The perfect cocktail ring.
Why we love it: because sometimes we like to show off.

The Shared Moment engagement ring.
This rose gold beauty has an approx total diamond weight of 2.43carats, set in 18ct rose gold.
Why we love it: well...who wouldn't? Elegance, beauty and sparkles like you wouldn't believe.

We love customizing pieces for our clients, like this Shared Moment engagement ring we created two tone in 18ct rose gold with a platinum setting and added diamonds underneath the setting. We created the wedding band to match perfectly with it.

We love this collection and hope you do too.


Monday, 2 June 2014

The Wedding Edition- Danielle & Simon

The moment Danielle entered Our Lady of the Rosary Church on April 12th 2014, is a moment that her now husband Simon and their guests will remember for years to come. Danielle's beauty radiated throughout the church bringing her groom to tears. 

Danielle walks down the aisle to meet her soon to be husband, Simon.
Dressed in a San Patrick Azucena Silk gown and adorned in Cassandra Mamone diamond jewels, Danielle walked down the aisle to meet her best friend Simon in her Kate Spade silver points.

Danielle's silver Kate Spade wedding heels

The moment Danielle enters the church with her father
After 3 and a half years with the woman of his dreams, Simon eagerly awaited Danielle's arrival to the altar supported by his four groomsmen, all well suited in Joseph Uzumcu.

The bridesmaids made their entrance dressed in coral dresses with bouquet arrangements by Lee Bouras of Wyld Orchids.

A gorgeous shot of Danielle and her bridesmaids courtesy of Talking Bird Productions
When Simon and Danielle said 'I do' they exchanged platinum wedding bands. Designed by Cassandra Mamone Danielle's wedding band complimented her engagement ring with a flat profile and 2 rows of pave` set diamonds. Simon was after a wider style that was unique, so we created a platinum weave design with a matte insert and polished edges. Both rings are engraved with an infinity symbol and the wedding date. (A great way for men to remember their anniversary)

Danielle's platinum band with 2 rows of sparkly pave` set diamonds & Simon's platinum weave band with matte insert and polished edges both designed by Cassandra Mamone.
Danielle's 1.5 carat brilliant diamond platinum engagement ring designed by Cassandra Mamone

Danielle's 'Something Blue' for the day was a pair of stud earrings designed and made to match her engagement ring with light blue topaz centre stones and  surrounding pave` set diamonds.
Danielle's stud earrings match her engagement ring, the center stone's however are light blue topaz for her
'Something Blue'

The reception was held at The Sebel Playford in Adelaide's CBD with attendance of 200 guests. One of Danielle's magical moments of the day was dancing the very first dance as husband and wife, to Keith Urban's 'Making Memories Of Us'. "We had been practicing very very hard" Danielle says and Simon was very happy with the outcome of the performance saying "I nailed the choreography"! 

The bridal party watches on as Danielle and Simon have their audience in awe of their beautiful first dance.

Beautiful memories captured by Lydia Krammer Photography

We wish Simon and Danielle the best for their future together and hope that they continue to make beautiful memories for the rest of their lives together. 

"I'm gonna love you like nobody loves you, and I'll earn your trust, making memories of us..."
                        -Keith Urban

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

That's Fancy!

We know white diamonds, but what about the blues, the pinks and the champagnes- what makes fancy coloured diamonds so special? I'm here to give you the low down...

Diamonds in the normal colour range are colourless through to light yellow and are described using the industry’s D-to-Z colour-grading scale. Fancy colour diamonds, on the other hand, are yellow and brown diamonds that show colour beyond the Z range, or diamonds that demonstrate any other colour face-up. These rare varieties come in every colour of the spectrum, including the most rare- blue, green, pink, and red.
This Fancy Greenish Blue (Heart shape) diamond of 4.16ct  is sure to steal your HEART

Colourless (white) diamonds in the D-to-Z range usually decrease in value as the colour becomes more obvious. 
It is just the opposite when talking fancy colour diamonds: Their value generally increases with the strength and purity of the colour. Large, vivid fancy colour diamonds are extremely rare and very valuable. 
Fancy yellow diamond 1.60ct Emerald Shape
Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond 1.53ct Radiant Cut

On the GIA coloured diamond reports, coloured diamonds are graded by the stone's increasing colour strength from Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light and Fancy to Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, Fancy Dark, and Fancy Deep. The ones that command the highest prices are generally Fancy Vivid and Fancy Deep.
What a beauty!!! Fancy Intense Orangey Pink diamond Cushion cut

Yellows and browns are the most common fancy colours, but they’re generally less valuable than the rarer colours.

Massive Heart shape 22ct Fancy Brown diamond, this diamond measures almost 2cm 
Hope you enjoyed the eye candy...
Until next time

Monday, 28 April 2014

Piece of the Month- A Special Night

Adam and Angelika had been dating since they were 16 and 17, so Adam had been giving considerable thought to his proposal to his girlfriend of 7 years. Adam, who was training for the police force decided that the perfect night to propose would be the night of his graduation.

Adam contacted fine jewellery designer Cassandra Mamone with a vision of what Angelika’s perfect ring should look like. With Angelika's petite frame, Adam knew he wanted the focus to be on the diamond itself. A round brilliant cut colourless diamond set in a 6 prong setting in 18ct white gold, came to life. 

A colourless GIA certified diamond in a 6 claw setting and band of 18ct white gold.

A Special Night
On Friday 21st March Adam and Angelika had a fabulous evening at Adam's graduation dinner. As it was their anniversary that weekend, Adam had organised a hotel suite in the city where he could propose to Angelika. 
Like the cool and casual couple they are- they were talking about their future together when Adam suddenly dropped to one knee and pulled out a white box.
Before Adam could finish his sentence "Angelika, will you marr-...?Angelika excitedly butt in with a big

The adorable couple, Angelika and Adam
Angelika wearing her classic 18ct white gold engagement ring
A beautiful testimonial of thanks sent to jewellery designer Cassandra from the Bride to be Angelika

With so much to look forward to, Angelika and Adam are planning to marry November of 2015. They are hoping to create a beautiful, rustic and intimate evening surrounded by their loved ones at a romantic winery along the outskirts of Adelaide.

Best of luck to the happy couple!!

The CM team

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

That’s Rosy!

In the world of jewellery, trends come and go! That said, rose gold is quickly becoming the new favourite, replacing traditional white and yellow gold.

While people say rose gold is the new ‘trend’, this pink hue of gold has seen its way through the 19th century, draped on women throughout the Victorian and Art Deco eras.

Almost 100 years later, rose gold has made its way back into the current market, not only being made available for costume jewellery and brand name watches, but as custom made and collection pieces like that in Cassandra Mamone’s latest fine jewellery collection 'California Sunset'.
Pave` Rose earrings

Gold Leaf rings in rose, white and gold (wear together or separate)

Rose` and Champagne engagement ring
 While in the 19th century darker gemstones such as Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire were very popular; more recently pink gold has been complemented perfectly by using softer colour tones. Rose quartz, pink sapphire and champagne diamonds have created a romantic feel throughout the ‘California Sunset’ collection.

Shared Moment engagement ring

Venice Beach engagement ring

Wide Band engagement ring

With a twist of history and a splash of modern design, rose gold is the new essential and must-have for jewellery lovers!

New York Fashion Blogger Danielle Burnstein from We Wore What wears her Amalfi Bride ring from the 'Sorrento' Collection in 9ct rose gold featuring white diamonds.

New York Blogger Danielle, wears her Cassandra Mamone Rose gold diamond ring
to London Fashion week

Los Angeles Tv host Marianna Hewitt wears her Rose Night earrings from the California Sunset collection.
TV host Marianna Hewitt loves rose gold, rose quartz and white diamond earrings from the
Cassandra Mamone collection

To view the entire collection please go to
For inquiries please email


The CM team

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Piece of the Month- Gabriella's beautiful engagement ring

On Sunday 9th of March, graphic designer Anthony took his girlfriend of 4 and a half years Gabriella to their favourite breakfast spot on Unley Road. Gabriella was curious to find out what Anthony had planned for their Sunday to which he replied it was a “Surprise.”


Anthony had paid a visit to fine jewellery designer Cassandra Mamone well in advance of this special today, to discuss the design and make of the perfect engagement ring for his fashionista girlfriend Gabriella. Over the years Anthony had gained essential insight into Gabriella's likes and dislikes and knew that when it came to fashion, the always on-trend Gabriella was more of a minimalist. 

Cassandra Mamone with the help of Anthony’s keen eye for detail designed a cushion diamond set in 4 unique triangular shaped claws, with pave` set brilliant diamonds on the shoulders. The depth of the the 1 carat cushion is shown off when viewed on it's front profile as the setting was designed with straight elegant lines. 


The scene was set at a beautiful pond in Mclaren Vale, as Gabriella gazed at the elegant geese gracing the pond's fountain, she turned to find Anthony on one knee with a white box opened and a sparkling ring inside.

"Will you make me the happiest man alive, Gabriella will you marry me?"

A shocked Gabriella reached out and hugged Anthony replying with an ecstatic “yes!

The newly engaged couple then enjoyed an amazing lunch at Vasarelli Cellar Door Restaurant, where they phoned their family and friends to give them the great news.
“We couldn't keep the smiles off our faces!” Gabriella recalls.

Gabriella wearing her beautiful engagement ring featuring 1 carat cushion diamond

“Once Anthony put the ring on my finger I couldn't stop staring, and still can't! It was exactly what I wanted, and was a perfect fit!

It sparkled perfectly in the sun light".

The newly engaged couple

What a romantic, eventful day!
Wasn't Anthony's proposal beautifully done? We think so...

Until next time,


Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Getting Personal

You know your partner like the back of your hand, so why can buying the perfect engagement ring be a somewhat tricky task? What does it take to find her perfect ring?

While understanding a woman’s thought process at any time may feel almost impossible, when it comes to deciding what your lady will wear on her hand every single day, all of a sudden learning a new language doesn't sound so difficult.

A friendly person behind the counter is asking, “round, princess, pear? Yellow gold, white gold,platinum?” Not only are there so many shapes and sizes a man can have a crash course in, there is only so much a store can do to facilitate your needs when you are wanting a personalized and sentimental piece. 
Summer Romance engagement ring

For men, it may feel like all hope is lost when trying to explain that you like that setting with this diamond to later fit a specific wedding band underneath. It may even become evident that you are a customer walking into a jewellery store not a personal client. There is not only you, there is a room full of customers waiting to buy items far less personal than yours. Due to this, the essential time needed to create your special piece for her, can be cut short and the amount of useful information you are given in that time frame can be limited.
Oval diamond platinum engagement ring, designed with client by Cassandra Mamone

The finer details do matter. The thickness of the setting against her slim finger that only a jewellery manufacturer can effortlessly create, or the desired finish you are unable to explain to a sales assistant that a skilled jewellery designer understands before you even finish your sentence.

Design to complete, client tiered halo engagement ring

When opening your mind to the personalisation of an engagement ring, it may seem unimaginable creating a piece of jewellery that defines your partner’s style to a tee. However, with guidance from an experienced jewellery designer, like Cassandra Mamone, each question can be answered in a natural and thoughtful way.

Custom made platinum engagement ring designed with client by Cassandra Mamone

You are able to create a personal and honest relationship where your thoughts can be heard and created in front of you. The time and effort you put in to making this ring your future fianc├ęs most memorable piece of jewellery proves to her just how well you know your bride; and most importantly, just like the love of your life, there is only one out there. 

The CM team