Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Piece of the Month- The happiest start to the New Year!

As the new age love trend would have it, Civil Engineer Vince connected with  Project Support Officer Renae via social media. Vince remembered Renae from when he used to visit the hair salon where Renae worked. After returning from a European holiday in 2013 Vince made contact with Renae through facebook.

He just had to see her...

On the 9th October 2013 Vince took Renae to Bruxelles Crepery at Henley Beach and they hit it off.
2 days later they went on their 2nd date to the Circus, it was there that they shared their first kiss.
As Vince drove home after a night out at the Circus, he realised he wasn't tired and he really wanted to see Renae again, so he phoned Renae and they met for the 2nd time that night for a tea at the 24 hour bakery at North Adelaide.

The secret...

Almost a year after their first date, Vince asked Renae's parents for their blessing to marry their daughter. Renae's parents especially her mother Ivana, did a great job at keeping the secret, even throwing Renae off any thought of a proposal.

A beautiful ring for a beautiful lady...

 Vince went to see fine jewellery designer and family friend Cassandra Mamone at her North Adelaide studio. Vince knew the quality of work was of a high standard and that designer Cassandra only sourced GIA certified diamonds.
It was there that the ideas and designs came to life to create a beautiful custom engagement ring.
Vince opted for a beautiful 1 carat oval cut D colourless VVS2 diamond, set in the rarest metal of platinum, the ring also features diamonds on the band and around the centre diamond.
With the highest grade on the colour chart and near perfect clarity, Vince was sure Renae would fall in love with this beautifully cut stone and well crafted ring.

A night to remember...

On New years Eve, Vince had a small white box in his left pocket while he sat with Renae along South Bank in Melbourne. As midnight drew near, the count down began and it was then that Renae began telling Vince, what an amazing year she had had with him, Vince then got on one knee stating: 

"This year's going to be even better...
Renae, will you marry me?"

A stunned Renae said "Yes" and the couple shared a big hug and kiss. "I missed the fire works because I was staring at the beautiful ring on my finger" Renae recalls.

A perfect fit.
A stunning 1 carat oval cut D colourless diamond set in platinum and surrounded by brilliant diamonds.

A very happy couple on the night of the proposal

It's LOVE for Renae and Vince

The happy couple have set a date to be married in April 2016.

We wish our friends Vince and Renae a lifetime of love and happiness.

The CM team

Monday, 15 September 2014

Piece of the month- Rebecca's engagement ring

Michael knew he had met the girl of his dreams Rebecca and just 8 short months after meeting, he took the first step to create the perfect engagement ring for his proposal.

Fine jewellery designer and high school friend Cassandra Mamone was Michael's choice for creating Rebecca's engagement ring. Michael had a little bit of insight as to what Rebecca would like as he had been keenly sourcing information from Rebecca's sister, he had also calculatingly noticed pictures of engagement rings that Rebecca had liked from the jewellery designer's facebook page. It was with these insights that Cassandra designed a stunning two tone engagement ring of 18ct rose gold and platinum. A GIA certified brilliant cut centre diamond is surrounded by a halo of diamonds and set in platinum, slightly larger diamonds feature on the rose gold band.

The stunning engagement ring with platinum setting and 18ct rose gold band

A snowy surprise

At the end of July Michael and Rebecca headed away for a short vacation to the Snowy Mountains in NSW. In the middle of their trip, Michael decided to take Rebecca to the highest point by chair lift, there they enjoyed the view whilst having lunch at the restaurant. When they left the restaurant, right there in the snow Michael spontaneously got down on one knee and asked Rebecca to marry him. 
"I was so shocked and happy, but also scared the ring would blow away" Rebecca remembers "I replied 'Of course I will.'"

Michael and fiance` Rebecca

Once they got back down to the bottom of the mountain and inside and out of the wind, Michael put the ring on Rebecca's finger. 

"Rebecca absolutely LOVES it and so do I!!!! It's perfect!" 
Michael told Cassandra after the proposal.

Wishing long time friend Michael and his beautiful fiance` Rebecca much happiness as they plan for the exciting times ahead. It has been an absolute joy to be a part of the journey so far. 


Thursday, 4 September 2014

Next stop...CUBA.

Bronze skin and salsa bars, my next vay-cay has to be to the place of warm Havana nights. Take me all the way to the Caribbean...

Year 'round Paradise
When looking for my perfect holiday paradise- I looked at Cuba, stopped at Cuba. And was inspired by Cuba! So inspired by the colour and culture that it influenced the Cassandra Mamone upcoming fine jewellery collection. (yet to be released, keep your eyes peeled) 
What can I say? I'm in love with a place I've never been.
Who else loves Cuba? Vogue does. See below* (pictures are not mine unless stated)

Linda Evangelista for Vogue

I guess Cuba will see me soon when I tick it off the list of my around the world visits.

Kisses, until the next fiesta.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Does size matter?...

A question I am often asked by many curious women and bride to be's is... which diamonds look the largest?

If you compare carat to carat- the Marquise diamond cut has the largest surface area, making it appear larger than other diamond shapes of the same carat weight.

The marquise is the football (AFL style) shaped diamond, others might say it's boat or eye shaped also. It's elongated cut makes this diamond stomp on the rest with approx 20% greater spread.

2.01ct E VVS1 Marquise diamond
Another diamond that I love is the oval shaped diamond, like the marquise an oval cut can lengthen the finger and make it look slender. The traditional shape of the oval gives it a broader appeal and still has a very good spread or size for weight.

1.12ct D IF Oval Diamond

There are many factors to consider when trying to find the perfect diamond. Please follow the links to find out more.



Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The New Collection is coming

Our new fine jewellery collection is indeed on it's way...

What you can expect to see...
Festive inspired colured jewelled rings, dazzling drop earrings and alluring engagement rings.

When you can expect to see it...
To be released for our Australian Spring /Summer.
These sparkly pieces are sure to turn up the heat.

We have incorporated our love for colour, diamonds and gems to create pieces that are delicate, feminine and beautiful.

Thoughts? Questions?

We love to hear from you.



Thursday, 14 August 2014

To stack or not to stack

Here at Cassandra Mamone HQ we love stacking our rings, whether it be wide bands, thins bands, diamonds or not.

The essence is you mix and match your different rings, not necessarily to complement each other but to make a mini statement on your pretty finger.
We love mixing colour tones too, put 'em all together if you must -we love mixing rose gold and white gold.

We say stack it all the way. 'Til you can't bend your finger. What's your perfect stack combo?!

'White Gold Leaf" ring, 'Rose Gold Leaf' ring and 'By Night' eternity ring.

'Rose Gold Barrel' ring with 'White Gold Pave` Dome' ring

Assorted Cassandra Mamone engagement rings in white gold paired with 'Rose Gold Barrel' ring

Go for it!!
Eternity bands available at


Monday, 11 August 2014

Rechelle's custom engagement ring

Rechelle was living on the Gold Coast when she met Michael from Adelaide and he swept her off her feet.  They were together for 2 years long distance before Rechelle made the move to Adelaide.

After 4 years living in Adelaide...

The 30th November 2013 was a beautiful sunny day and the couple headed to Grange beach. When they arrived, Rechelle noticed that located near the Grange Hotel there was a Mariachi band playing on the grass. Rechelle recalls thinking 'this is pretty random'! Rechelle and Michael sat on the grass listening to the music and Michael asked his lovely girlfriend to stand up and dance with him. Michael then requested a song 'Guantanamera'. It wasn't until later that Rechelle remembered Michael had been singing that song all week.

Michael then got on one knee and asked Rechelle four special words...
 "Will You Marry Me?"

 "I was literally in shock and had no idea what was going on then said "Yes"!! I was very happy, excited and emotional." Rechelle says.
Just after the proposal, Michael and Rechelle with the Three Amigos

The Ring...
Rechelle and Michael both visited Cassandra Mamone after the proposal as Michael wanted Rechelle to have input into the engagement ring he would give her.  

The sparkling custom engagement ring features a beautiful brilliant cut diamond surrounded by a halo and half a band of round brilliant cut diamonds all in a shared claw setting in 18ct white gold.

"Cassandra did an amazing job I am so happy with the ring!! It's hard not to look at it all the time." - Rechelle
The stunning and sparkling custom made engagement ring for Rechelle

The date for the lovely couple to wed is the 14th March 2015.