Wednesday, 9 April 2014

That’s Rosy!

In the world of jewellery, trends come and go! That said, rose gold is quickly becoming the new favourite, replacing traditional white and yellow gold.

While people say rose gold is the new ‘trend’, this pink hue of gold has seen its way through the 19th century, draped on women throughout the Victorian and Art Deco eras.

Almost 100 years later, rose gold has made its way back into the current market, not only being made available for costume jewellery and brand name watches, but as custom made and collection pieces like that in Cassandra Mamone’s latest fine jewellery collection 'California Sunset'.
Pave` Rose earrings

Gold Leaf rings in rose, white and gold (wear together or separate)

Rose` and Champagne engagement ring
 While in the 19th century darker gemstones such as Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire were very popular; more recently pink gold has been complemented perfectly by using softer colour tones. Rose quartz, pink sapphire and champagne diamonds have created a romantic feel throughout the ‘California Sunset’ collection.

Shared Moment engagement ring

Venice Beach engagement ring

Wide Band engagement ring

With a twist of history and a splash of modern design, rose gold is the new essential and must-have for jewellery lovers!

New York Fashion Blogger Danielle Burnstein from We Wore What wears her Amalfi Bride ring from the 'Sorrento' Collection in 9ct rose gold featuring white diamonds.

New York Blogger Danielle, wears her Cassandra Mamone Rose gold diamond ring
to London Fashion week

Los Angeles Tv host Marianna Hewitt wears her Rose Night earrings from the California Sunset collection.
TV host Marianna Hewitt loves rose gold, rose quartz and white diamond earrings from the
Cassandra Mamone collection

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The CM team

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Piece of the Month- Gabriella's beautiful engagement ring

On Sunday 9th of March, graphic designer Anthony took his girlfriend of 4 and a half years Gabriella to their favourite breakfast spot on Unley Road. Gabriella was curious to find out what Anthony had planned for their Sunday to which he replied it was a “Surprise.”


Anthony had paid a visit to fine jewellery designer Cassandra Mamone well in advance of this special today, to discuss the design and make of the perfect engagement ring for his fashionista girlfriend Gabriella. Over the years Anthony had gained essential insight into Gabriella's likes and dislikes and knew that when it came to fashion, the always on-trend Gabriella was more of a minimalist. 

Cassandra Mamone with the help of Anthony’s keen eye for detail designed a cushion diamond set in 4 unique triangular shaped claws, with pave` set brilliant diamonds on the shoulders. The depth of the the 1 carat cushion is shown off when viewed on it's front profile as the setting was designed with straight elegant lines. 


The scene was set at a beautiful pond in Mclaren Vale, as Gabriella gazed at the elegant geese gracing the pond's fountain, she turned to find Anthony on one knee with a white box opened and a sparkling ring inside.

"Will you make me the happiest man alive, Gabriella will you marry me?"

A shocked Gabriella reached out and hugged Anthony replying with an ecstatic “yes!

The newly engaged couple then enjoyed an amazing lunch at Vasarelli Cellar Door Restaurant, where they phoned their family and friends to give them the great news.
“We couldn't keep the smiles off our faces!” Gabriella recalls.

Gabriella wearing her beautiful engagement ring featuring 1 carat cushion diamond

“Once Anthony put the ring on my finger I couldn't stop staring, and still can't! It was exactly what I wanted, and was a perfect fit!

It sparkled perfectly in the sun light".

The newly engaged couple

What a romantic, eventful day!
Wasn't Anthony's proposal beautifully done? We think so...

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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Getting Personal

You know your partner like the back of your hand, so why can buying the perfect engagement ring be a somewhat tricky task? What does it take to find her perfect ring?

While understanding a woman’s thought process at any time may feel almost impossible, when it comes to deciding what your lady will wear on her hand every single day, all of a sudden learning a new language doesn't sound so difficult.

A friendly person behind the counter is asking, “round, princess, pear? Yellow gold, white gold,platinum?” Not only are there so many shapes and sizes a man can have a crash course in, there is only so much a store can do to facilitate your needs when you are wanting a personalized and sentimental piece. 
Summer Romance engagement ring

For men, it may feel like all hope is lost when trying to explain that you like that setting with this diamond to later fit a specific wedding band underneath. It may even become evident that you are a customer walking into a jewellery store not a personal client. There is not only you, there is a room full of customers waiting to buy items far less personal than yours. Due to this, the essential time needed to create your special piece for her, can be cut short and the amount of useful information you are given in that time frame can be limited.
Oval diamond platinum engagement ring, designed with client by Cassandra Mamone

The finer details do matter. The thickness of the setting against her slim finger that only a jewellery manufacturer can effortlessly create, or the desired finish you are unable to explain to a sales assistant that a skilled jewellery designer understands before you even finish your sentence.

Design to complete, client tiered halo engagement ring

When opening your mind to the personalisation of an engagement ring, it may seem unimaginable creating a piece of jewellery that defines your partner’s style to a tee. However, with guidance from an experienced jewellery designer, like Cassandra Mamone, each question can be answered in a natural and thoughtful way.

Custom made platinum engagement ring designed with client by Cassandra Mamone

You are able to create a personal and honest relationship where your thoughts can be heard and created in front of you. The time and effort you put in to making this ring your future fianc├ęs most memorable piece of jewellery proves to her just how well you know your bride; and most importantly, just like the love of your life, there is only one out there. 

The CM team

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Behind the scenes of the California Sunset photo shoot

California Sunset collection 
by Jewellery designer Cassandra Mamone

Recently we shot the Cassandra Mamone California Sunset jewellery collection, check out the behind the scenes snaps...

Location: Studio, Sydney
Date: Sunday 16th February
Jewellery: Cassandra Mamone
Photographer: Natalia Horinkova
Model: Jasmine S. (Chadwick models)
MUA: Veronika Moreira
Dress Designer: Malachi Empire

Sydney bound for the day

Deep V bridal gown by Malachi Empire

Fitted bodice bridal gown by Malachi Empire

Beaded and lace bridal gown by Malachi Empire

From left: Veronika, Jasmine and Natalia

From left Veronika, Jasmine and Cassandra

From Left: By night engagement ring, Rose Night (in white gold) earrings, Pink Love (in white gold) engagement ring

Rose Night earrings (rose quartz, white diamonds, rose gold)

Jasmine in jewels

Sunny in the studio. Veronika adds the finishing touches.

We can't wait to share with you the final images for this exciting, vibrant new collection. Stay tuned to the blog, instagram and of course at

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The diamonds that made headlines in 2013

Take a look at some of the wondrous diamonds 2013 had to offer...

The Pink Star
Sold for a record $83 million US at auction. This vivid pink Flawless diamond is a whopping 59.6carats.

The Orange
The Orange, the largest fancy vivid orange diamond ever offered at auction, sold for $35,540,612. This sale set two new world records: the highest price per carat ($2.4 million) paid for any diamond sold at auction; and the highest-ever price paid for an orange diamond at auction.

118 carat D Flawless Oval diamond
Sold for $238.7 million in Hong Kong dollars (US $30.6 million) at the Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite auction on Oct. 7, setting a new record for a white diamond.

Kim K's EX engagement ring
Miss Kardashian's 20ct total weight former engagement ring from ex Kris Humphries sold for $749,000 at Christies New York on Oct 15th, pretty well shy of it's "reported" value of 2 million.

Hope you enjoyed the eye candy.


Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Piece of the Month- Adriana's heavenly halo engagement ring

The Story of the High school sweethearts

Peter met Adriana in high school, both in their early teens, he first showed his fondness towards Adriana in not so subtle ways. He would put thumb tacks on her chair during class and play other little pranks. "Teenage boys have a funny way of showing affection" Adriana says. This went on for a little while before Peter finally decided to ask Adriana out on a date.
The night Peter declared his love for Adriana was not an unusual night for them. They were at Adriana’s parent’s house watching TV from underneath the billiard table, when Adriana looked up to find special words Peter had wrote to her drawn underneath the table:
 I love you Adri

12 years on…

Peter met with jewellery designer Cassandra Mamone for the design and make of the perfect engagement ring for Adriana. Peter had given a lot of thought so that he would ask that special question with a very special ring that Adriana would love. Peter opted for a beautiful 1.01 carat round brilliant diamond. Peter discussed with Cassandra that he liked halo styles, so Cassandra designed a double row of pave` set diamonds around the four claw set 1.01 carat diamond stunner. The brilliant diamonds were pave` set on a rounded edge, to create an eye catching effect, the diamonds sparkle at every movement and turn of the finger. The engagement ring was made in platinum.
1.01 carat round brilliant cut diamond in a four claw setting with surrounding double row pave` set diamonds on a platinum band.

The night of the proposal

On July 19th 2013 Adriana went out to the movies with friends. She arrived home to find that the dining room table had been converted into a cubby house.
"Strange I thought, though not really unusual when it comes to living with Pete" Adriana recalls.
Peter welcomed Adriana into their newly created abode and just like the night many years ago where Peter wrote his love declaration under the billiard table, on this special night he wrote a question instead…
“Will you make me the luckiest man on earth and share your life with me. Adriana... Will you marry me?" 
Peter showed the ring to a very shocked Adriana and it all became very real.
“I was so overjoyed. The ring was perfect. It showed just how well Pete knows me.”
A beautiful snap taken moments after Adriana said 'Yes'
The handsome Peter and breathtaking Adriana at their engagement party. What a perfect match!
Adriana wearing her diamond engagement ring that Peter put lots of thought into
The couple have been busy planning their perfect wedding day. Peter and Adriana's marriage will take place this November at their high school parish St Paul's Monastery. The reception will be held at Adelaide Town Hall.

I'd have to agree with Peter when he said that this ring is just so pretty like Adriana. Let us know your thoughts.

Til next time.


Thursday, 12 December 2013

Piece of the Month- Vanessa's engagement ring

On Saturday 23rd November at 9pm Scott invited his girlfriend of 3 years Vanessa on their usual walk to Glenelg, joined by their pup Parker. On this chilly night they enjoyed their walk for a while before grabbing gelati. Scott suggested they should walk a little more along the beach, he let Vanessa steadily get ahead of him and then called out to her. Vanessa turned to find Scott on one knee with Parker sitting beside him. 
“Me and Parker have a question to ask you...” Scott said.

"Will you Marry me?"

Vanessa gave a very ecstatic “YES!”

Scott gives a little hint to his plans at a wedding he and Vanessa attended a year before his proposal.

Before the “YES”...

Scott went to see fine jewellery designer Cassandra Mamone about making the perfect ring for his beautiful girlfriend Vanessa. He had seen Vanessa following the Cassandra Mamone fine jewellery facebook page and then viewed the Cassandra Mamone website and decided it would be a great idea to call her. When Scott visited Cassandra, he was able to give insight to what he believed Vanessa would love for her engagement ring, with Scott's input Cassandra was able to design a choice of rings and with Cassandra’s advice Scott made a decision.

A thank you message sent from Scott
The engagement ring features a beautiful GIA certified brilliant cut round diamond surrounded by a pave` set halo in 18ct white gold. To add a touch of uniqueness diamonds were pave` set on both sides of the band underneath the setting. Lots of sparkle for Vanessa’s finger.
Vanessa's 18ct white gold sparkling diamond engagement ring
“I was absolutely over the moon, and hysterical. I could not stop smiling, I was so happy!” Vanessa was ecstatic with Scott’s proposal. "It was instant love when I saw the ring, I was in shock, I couldn't believe how well he did. it was perfect and more than I ever dreamed of"

A beautiful message from Vanessa after the proposal
Do you love Vanessa's ring?
Share your congratulations and well wishes below...

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